Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

HousePerSqft builds technologies and services that enable people to Buy, Sell or Rent House for them.

HousePerSqft provides a platform for tenants and property owner to rent or sell their properties.

HousePerSqft have thousands of new launch Projects running across the country and a lot of resale projects inside the App which gives users a variety of options to chose from. By creating account at HousePerSqft,User has agreed for below:

  1. User will not indulge to any types of unsocial behaviour which hurt sentiments of other person or communities.
  2. User will not write or post any media which violates any individual person and communities sentiments.
  3. User will use HousePerSqft only for buying or renting their properties.
  4. User will be solely responsible for any copy right violation if they share any image or media which is not owned by them.
  5. If User violates any condition and indulge in any offending behaviour, HousePerSqft has right to suspend or remove User Account.

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